Hi! I’m shelen!

My focus lies in creating impactful works that engage people using their various senses. Thus, my work is interactive, print or digital, and always has an intricate storyline. My background in architecture helps me think spatially and experimentally, making my designs unique. 

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Typefaces used—VG5000 designed by Justin Bihan and Helvetica Neue by Linotype

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While trying to develop my skills, I took a course on Graphic Design Specialization on Coursera by the California Institute of Arts(CalArts) in 2020. For the final project for this course, I developed an fictional brand that would design customized and versatile prosthetics for those in need. I designed the branding and logo for this company which helped develop the identity system which was compiled into a branding guide.
Software Used—Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop Categories—Identity Design, Branding Design, Branding Guide Design, Branding and Identity Design, Logo Design, Logotype Design
Project Completion—September 2020


For this project, I developed an imaginative brand that designs and develops customized and versatile prosthetics for humans. Based on that idea, I designed the branding and logo by which the company will be known. I explored various color palettes and type choices to come up with the final type, color, and logo for the brand. The final branding guide along with the process can be seen below.