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An application prototype designed for an imaginative Japanese Ramen restaurant in India. The online ordering process in this application, enables the users to customize their Ramen the way they like. This application uses responsive illustrations to attract users making it intuitive and intriguing for the whole customization process.
Software Used—Adobe XD, Balsamic Cloud, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign Categories—UX/UI Design, Application Prototype, Mobile Application Design
Project Completion—November 2020

Based on the wireframes shown below, the visual mockups were designed and prototyped in Adobe XD. For most of the application, illustrations are used to show the animations and how your ramen bowl will look that can be seen in the video for the prototyped application:

Application Prototype:


An application designed for a restaurant online ordering that enables the users to customise their Ramen the way they like. This application — Subarashii-Ramen, uses visuals to attract the users making it intuitive and intriguing during the customisation process.

Note - This is a personal project just to understand the User experience design and develop skills related to this area of design.


Outline of Scope:

During the thought process of designing the restaurant application, the types of food and drinks and various customisations were taken into consideration. The following explains the type of food and customisation that the restaurant will serve:
  • Ramen Bowls and Beverages

Customisation Options:
  • Select: Chicken, Pork, Veg, Vegan
  • Noodle Thickness: Classic, Thin, Thick
  • Noodles Firmness: very firm, firm, standard, soft, very soft
  • Select Broth: Shoyu(Soy sauce), Shio(Salt), Miso(Soyabean paste),
    Tonkotsu(pork bone)
  • Dashi(Broth) Strength: Light, Standard, Strong
  • Richness level(oil amount): None, Light, Standard, Rich, Extra Rich
  • Spiciness level: None, Little, Standard, Lot
  • Toppings: Corn, Green onion, Garlic, Nori(Seaweed), Narutomaki, extra
    Chicken slice, extra Chashu(pork slice), extra tofu, soft boiled egg,
    Karashi takana(pickled veg)
  • Sides: Takoyaki(octopus balls), Onigiri(rice balls), Dango candy(Japanese dumplings), Gyoza (pan-fried dumplings)

Beverages: Authentic Japanese Sake, Japanese beer, Green Tea

Location: India, Goa, Panjim

Delivery: Delivery radius: Old church area, Panjim

Main Target Audience: College students and youngsters

Cost: Moderate $$

Elevator Pitch:
Inspired by the famous Japanese Ramen, we bring authentic, high quality, affordable and customisable Ramen to Panjim. We are open till late night!
Content Requirements:
  • Food Menu
  • Stress on delivery radius: Old Church area, Panjim
  • Display Prices
  • Images of menu item
  • About Us
  • About Ramen
  • Contact information
  • Explanation on how to make your own Ramen bowl
  • FAQs
    • Where do you deliver?
    • Are the noodles and other ingredients fresh?
    • What is the delivery cost?
    • Is there a minimum order?
    • What is Ramen?
    • Approximate time for delivery?
    • Can I order my meal in advance?
    • Who can I contact?

Functionality Requirements:
  • Choose from pre-made Ramen bowls
  • Or create your own customised Ramen bowl
    • Select food preference(veg, chicken, pork, vegan)
    • Noodle thickness and firmness
    • Broth and broth strength
    • Richness and spicines levels
    • Extra toppings
    • Sides
    • Beverages
  • Get help via live chat feature
  • Indicate time of delivery
  • Add items to cart
  • Check out
    • Enter Contact and Delivery information
    • Enter Payment information
  • See real-time order status on map
  • Create account
    • See past orders
  • Cancel order
  • Login

Based on the above information and research, the site map for the application was created as shown below. The wireframes were developed based on this sitemap as can be seen below: