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I'm a passionate Creative Strategist at Adobe, driven by a burning desire to create impactful and engaging experiences. My focus lies in creating work that engage people on a deeper level by weaving intricate storylines regardless of the platform. This dedication has led to the creation of interactive and multi-sensory experiences, fueled by my background in architecture – a field that instilled in me a spatially aware and experimental approach.

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Shaping Adobe Express's Global Content Strategy

My role as Global Creative Lead for Adobe Express India, wasn't just about creating content – it was about breaking down barriers and driving inclusivity. I spearheaded the development of specialized regional templates, ensuring accessibility across diverse languages, and cultural contexts. I fostered a collaborative environment, harnessing the expertise of designers and vendors to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency. Leveraging my design expertise, I not only communicated effectively but also visually translated ideas and design strategy for the unique Indian market. By managing extensive schedules and calendars, I ensured projects met their targets, ultimately contributing to Adobe Express's success in this crucial market.
Product—Adobe Express Skills—Art Direction, Design Strategy, Visual Design, User Experience Design, Leadership, Product Launch for India market
Tenure at Adobe—May 2023—present

Building Localized Content:

As the Global Creative Lead for India, I spearheaded the development and execution of specialized regional template design offerings. This involved:
  • Understanding User Needs: We conducted thorough research to understand the diverse backgrounds, abilities, and language preferences of Indian users.
  • Ensuring Accessibility: All content adhered to rigorous accessibility standards, upholding Adobe's commitment to inclusivity across languages, abilities, and cultural contexts.

Collaboration for Quality and Efficiency:

Leading a talented team, I fostered a collaborative environment that:
  • Promoted Creativity: I provided constructive feedback while creating space for creative exploration within the team.
  • Ensured High Standards: We collaborated closely with other global leads, designers, and vendors to achieve the highest quality and efficiency. This included meticulous documentation, content tagging, adherence to search and discoverability requirements, and a relentless pursuit of exceptional content delivery.

Leveraging Design Expertise:

My passion for visual communication fueled my approach:
  • Effective Communication: I utilized my expertise in typography, layout, and graphic design to communicate ideas clearly, enhance conversations, and visually demonstrate design strategies for culturalizing the templates.
  • Staying Culturally Relevant: I constantly monitored evolving styles, trends, and the timeless aspects of Indian content and culture to ensure ongoing cultural relevance.

Project Management Excellence:

My role encompassed:
  • Leading Planning and Execution: I spearheaded the planning and oversight of extensive schedules and calendars, ensuring projects consistently met their targets and contributed to Adobe's success in the Indian market.
  • Mentoring and Leading: I provided guidance and leadership to a team of designers, fostering efficient production and uncompromising commitment to high-quality standards.

My journey at Adobe was an enriching experience that equipped me with invaluable experience and skills. I am grateful for the opportunity to have shaped the Adobe experience for the Indian market by leading content strategy and design initiatives.