Hi! I’m Shelen!

I'm a passionate Creative Strategist at Adobe, driven by a burning desire to create impactful and engaging experiences. My focus lies in creating work that engage people on a deeper level by weaving intricate storylines regardless of the platform. This dedication has led to the creation of interactive and multi-sensory experiences, fueled by my background in architecture – a field that instilled in me a spatially aware and experimental approach.

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Typefaces used—VG5000 designed by Justin Bihan and Helvetica Neue by Linotype

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Lucid Dreaming

The poster was designed based on the concept of Lucid Dreaming. The drastic changes and blurriness of the dream are shown using various typefaces. These typefaces are scaled, repeated, cut, and made to reappear on the other poster.
Software Used—Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Procreate Categories—Poster Design, Type-Only Poster, Album Cover Design, Pattern Design Typefaces Used—Signifier from Klim Type Foundry and GT Flexa from Grilli Type
Project Completion—August 2022


These posters are based on the concept of Lucid Dreaming which has been explored using type overflowing one poster and reappearing on the other. The idea behind this was “being in two places at the same time—REALITY+DREAM”. Since Lucid Dreaming is a state of consciousness and awareness when in a dream, this can easily be seen by the way I am incorporating type for my posters. Various type styles and typefaces show the weirdness and unpredictability of being in a dream. The drastic difference between the scale, the repetition and layering also represents the idea of a dream.


Brainstorming and researching about my topic on Lucid Dreaming, I was able to collect over 50 references and artifacts that helped me reach these final posters. For reaching the final poster, I first wrote haikus, making it into a visual that reflected my selected haiku. Then I wrote some timed-sentences based on my topic which was used to do more research. Later I designed patterns and album covers based on my research on songs and music for lucid dreaming. All this was a part of poetic exercise that helped me in collecting my resources which in turn provided with ideas for designing my posters. Before reaching the final poster, I also used analog ways to come up with the composition for type and layers for the posters.

This work can also be found on are.na and Miro.